The Gre@test Trans Am Ever Built? 7 Foot Wide, 700hp, 10,000rpm Track Ripper!!

Is this The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? 7 foot wide, 700hp, 10,000rpm Track Ripper!!

Yes, we do realize that the tittle is on heluwa statement, and it might bring tears of rage to some purists that would not approve of this incredible wide, (yes it is 7-foot-wide) and incredible low 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and yet we just have to leave the tittle as is, bec@use this is truly one amazing machine.

What’s crazier that the way this car looks?
Well that would certainly have to be the ridiculous engine, whose headers are just captivating and a true work of art.

The next that stabs you in the eye, after checking out the headers is the fact that the redline on this 700 hp monster starts at 10 000 rpm, and check this out, this is a naturally aspirated engine with not nitrous, no blower and no turbo charger, just an engine with huge compression whose goal is to reach 1 000 horsepower, check it out.

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