This Cast Iron Block And Head 1965 Gto Made 1,580 On The Dyno – This Thing Is Beautiful And Very Fast Pontiac GTO Makes 1500hp To The Tire iron heads iron block

This cast iron block and head 1965 GTO will blow your mind! It made 1,580 on the dyno and this thing is beautiful and VERY fast!

With over 1,500 horsepower, this 1965 Pontiac GTO is a race vehicle unlike any other, with exquisite detailing and pristine condition throughout.

It is obviously impossible to obtain so much power from a motor alone, which is why this youngster has two turbos hidden below the grill, but the engine is what truly sets it apart. The heads and block are factory cast iron Pontiacs that were removed from a rusting Bonneville.

This Pontiac GTO 65 is a monster. I made a S1 tune for it that goes 412  km/h. It already became one of my favorite cars of the game! :  r/ForzaHorizon

This is crazy right?

Check the video to see more of the amazing vehicle.

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