Dual Turbo Supercharged Nitrous 454 V8 Breathing Power (1969) Camaro SS… (VIDEO)


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A 1969 Camaro SS in stock is quick. One equipped with a supercharger is just amazing. It would be insane to install a turbocharger and then a nitrous system, right? Watch the video below to see what happens when one owner jams everything into the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro’s engine bay.

First up on this incredible Camaro is a 454 V-8. In addition to a 14-71 supercharger, there are two turbochargers. The vehicle gains even more power from a nitrous system, which momentarily increases output by 200 horsepower. When all of this is taken into account, the total horsepower is currently unknown but most likely absurd. It is indeed “something different,” as the owner intended when he constructed it. No other Camaro is made quite like it.

Video: Insane '69 Camaro - Twin-Turbo, Supercharged With Nitrous - Street  Muscle

A few more changes are necessary for a vehicle with this much power. There is a huge roll cage inside for protection, along with a parachute on the back! The bigger tires and wheels fit snugly inside the fenders. Despite its extensive modifications, this vehicle is unquestionably a Camaro SS—albeit one without a hood and a massive supercharger. Since 1972, the automobile has been a champion drag racer, according to Torque and Tread. But life’s not only about racing to the fastest speed possible; this enormous SS is flawless both inside and out. In addition to the Porsche Red appearance, the bespoke inside is striking.

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