1968 Bullitt Mustang

Millions of recordings have been sold by legendary rock and roll artist Alice Cooper, whose influence helped create the hard rock genre. Cooper has an equal passion for hot rods and horsepower as he has for music. Although Cooper has an amazing array of vehicles, his 1968 Bullitt Mustang, modified by Innovation Performance Technologies, is one mean pony.

Cooper was suggested to Innovation Performance Technologies for the Bullitt Mustang project because of their approach to builds. With the correct components and a lot of money, anyone can easily assemble a Bullitt Mustang copy, but Cooper wanted something with more features and more driving power.

Innovation Performance Technologies’ Jon Marshall outlines Cooper’s requirements and the reasons behind them for his Bullitt Mustang project.

Since Alice lived in the desert, the vehicle needed a strong cooling system to prevent overheating when he drove. Air conditioning was a must-have item that Alice also really wanted. Alice was the first person to ask for a CD player in a build, and she finally got her wish. The reason he desired the CD player was because CDs sound better than digital music. In the vehicle, he intended to listen to the CD samples that the artists had provided him.

Innovation Performance Technologies set out to create a vehicle that, despite its exterior similarities to a 1968 Mustang, would ride, drive, and perform like a contemporary muscle car. Even while it seems simple, it takes careful engineering and attention to detail to guarantee that the vehicle will be just as dependable as a brand-new one. Innovation Performance Technologies thoroughly inspects each construction to ensure that the vehicle has undergone extensive testing and is operational when the customer receives it.

Cooper’s Mustang has an Aluminator engine from Ford and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. This engine combination not only provides Cooper’s Mustang a ton of horsepower but also makes it incredibly dependable. It appears as though the Aluminator belongs under

Cooper’s Bullitt Mustang features a significantly altered suspension system. Currie’s 9″ rearend and VariShock coilover shocks are among the new aftermarket components that have taken the place of all the original OEM components. Wilwood brakes are used to stop the Mustang, which is mounted on a pair of Foose wheels.

The Mustang’s interior appears stock but has really been updated with contemporary elements. To operate with the new Ford driveline, a complete set of Dakota Digital instruments was utilized. Marshall claims that the digital gauges will function similarly to a set of more recent OEM gauges and notify you of any problems with the engine or gearbox.

The Bullitt Mustang R built by Allice Cooper strikes the ideal mix between traditional style and cutting-edge technology. The Innovation Performance Technology team managed to design a vehicle that drives like a brand-new, contemporary muscle car while maintaining its vintage essence.

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