Triple Green 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Comes With Two Engines, Stunning Looks

Nothing beats an SS 454 LS6 for the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. This muscle car, a one-year marvel, was powered by one of Chevrolet’s best big-block V8 engines, the 454 cubic inch (7.4 liter) LS6. Its 450 horsepower rating made the 1970 Chevelle the most powerful production vehicle of its time and a HEMI slayer.

In spite of the fact that Chevrolet produced more than 600,000 Chevelles that year, only 4,475 of them had the powerful 454 V8, primarily because the LS6 was a costly option. Hardtops, convertibles, El Camino pickups, and other vehicles are included in this statistic. And now days, all three are uncommon and in high demand.

Although the SS 454 you see here is not an LS6, it is the finest alternative in terms of power and torque. The LS5 engine in this hardtop is nearly identical to the LS6, although it is missing the four-barrel Holley carburetor and other performance-enhancing features. The mill came with 360 horsepower on tap, which placed it below the range-topping LS6 and the 402-cubic-inch (6.6-liter) in the SS 396. Later produced 375 horses.

The LS5 is a bit more uncommon engine, despite the fact that it is not even close to as powerful as the LS6. Only 4,298 clients specifically chose this option in 1970. The SS 454 LS6 had 177 fewer vehicles than that. Additionally, it barely accounts for 6.9% of the Chevelle SS production and only 0.67% of the overall Chevelle manufacturing for that year. This is as rare as it gets, right?

Actually, it does because there are only 2,144 examples of the SS 396 model with the 375-horsepower L78 engine, but you get the idea. And since many LS5 cars were abandoned over the years, there are many less of them left in 2023. Additionally, some cars are one of a kind because of their combination of options and colors. This hardtop fits into those rigs because of its triple green finish.

What’s a triple paint finish, you ask? Well, this name applies to a car that sports the same paint on the body, the roof (vinyl or not), and inside the cabin. You’ve probably heard of triple black for all-black classics. This one is Forest Green (paint code 942) inside and out, which is a very rare combination.

Although the Chevelle was evidently painted again at some point, the color is authentic. Additionally, it is completely rust-free, still has all of its original body panels, and has never been in an accident. Nowadays, not many 1970 Chevrolet Chevelles can say the same.

But is it a prize for matching numbers? Although the original LS5 is no longer in the vehicle, the engine remains. It has been disassembled and is now sitting in the garage next to the hardtop, waiting to be fully restored so it can start growling once more. What’s currently going on inside? The engine powering this green beauty is a vintage 402-cubic-inch V8, the same one Chevrolet used in the SS 396. It’s not apparent if it’s the uncommon L78 or the less uncommon L34, but we’re definitely looking at the former.

In any case, this 1970 SS 454 LS5 is among the best survives I’ve recently seen. And what makes it even better is that once the LS5 is repaired and put back in the car, it can turn into a jewel with matching numbers. Hopefully the Chevelle’s numbers-matching mill will be reunited with it by the next owner.


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