2023 Pontiac Firebird Puts Big Red Nose on Modern Muscle Car-Rendered Body

When the muscle car war first started, there were many various types of automobiles flooding the market, all competing for a slice of what seemed to be an ever-growing pie at the time. The fundamental reason why just Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge are in the game today is because getting a piece of the pie was difficult.


Pontiac was one among the companies vying for consumers’ attention at the time, and it entered the fray with nameplates like the GTO and Firebird, whose popularity fuels a sizable section of the collector market today. Since the automaker as a whole went out of business some ten years ago, the only market that continues to support these Pontiacs, or any others for that matter, is the collector market.

Rich individuals can treat themselves to real, old Pontiacs, but the rest of us mere mortals are stuck salivating over pictures and movies. Every so often, we like to take a trip to our dreams and consider what the world would be like today if the Firebirds were still there.

The never-ending stream of renderings that depict the model as it might seem if Pontiac were still in business and continued to produce vehicles fills our dreams.

The Australian men at Budget Direct, who wrote the piece we have here, are responsible for the most recent such rendering.

Although they insist that they didn’t try to make the car look like a Camaro, they took inspiration from the muscle cars that are still in existence. The renderers came up with an extremely sculpted machine with exaggerated sharp edges and a “progressive coupe profile,” all of which were slapped on top of what is supposed to be a still-recognizable Firebird shape.

Nothing screams Firebird more than the car’s large, extremely sharp nose, which runs from the enormous hood down between the headlights and over the grille.

Naturally, there is no chance that GM will bring the Firebird back, not even as a model in the range of another brand, but this straightforward depiction of the vehicle makes us wish they did.

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