Now That’s Incredible Barn Find, A 1957 Chevy Bel Air 4 Door!

Numerous farm find videos have come under fire for being contrived, and in fact, quite a few of them have proven to have been prepared and produced before the actual find.

However, this time nothing would indicate that the car had been tampered with before it was found, and the layer of dust that has accumulated on top of the car leaves no room for question that its owner had abandoned it for whatever reason.

If you ask us, no 1957 Chevrolet ought to be hidden beneath a layer of dust for all time because it has the potential to make someone happy.

There are many who disagree, mostly due to the fact that this Classic, which the channel old rubbish is presenting to us, has four doors.

Tell us your thoughts on whether you would restore and drive a 4 door or whether he shouldn’t even bother getting it out of the barn. Some people have actually said, “It’s a 4 door, leave it in the barn,” which may be a little harsh.


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