Frank Soldridge’s Mustang On The REAR WHEELS At 196 MPH!


Mustang screams over the finish line at 195 mph with two wheels in the air  - alt_driver

Some of the most extraordinary automobiles you can conceive come from the realm of drag radial racing. It entails speeding down the drag strip while attempting to gain every advantage possible while putting on a complete display while doing it on the back wheels. Fans of racing receive far more than they paid for. You’ll undoubtedly feel the urge to leave the house and purchase a ticket for a drag radial race after watching this Free Life Films movie. The one and only Frank Soldridge is the force behind this extravaganza! He drives a single, enormous Ford Mustang for his shows. Together, Frank and his Stang are unstoppable.

You may watch one of Frank’s all-time best performances in this video. He puts the pedal to the metal in his Mustang at 196 mph and crosses the finish line on the back wheels. A twin-turbo large block Chevy engine that has been fine-tuned to the absolute limit powers the wild Ford Mustang. This equates to potentially thousands of horses!


Like a maestro, Frank controls this beast. You can see how he is controlling the situation entirely by using the throttle. You won’t see stuff like this very frequently. Click the video below to experience the ultimate surge of adrenaline and then let us know what you think!

Visit this link to learn more about Frank Soldridge!


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