ACCIDENT] 1958 Corvette Gets Hit by a Speeding Ford Escape – Corvette Action Center

The responsible driver was going much too fast.

This accident is difficult to understand from the photographs alone, demonstrating the importance of hearing the entire account before passing judgment. Even though it appears from the images that the 1958 Chevy Corvette may be to blame for the injuries, the person who actually caused them was one of the most innocent onlookers. The dressed-up and prepared Corvette was struck by a fleeing, rolling Ford Escape.

Witnesses claimed that a Ford Escape traveling at high speed ran a stop sign, was hit in the t-bone by a vehicle, and then went tumbling. The classic Corvette was stopped on the opposite side of the crossroads when the Escape crashed into it, severely damaging the nose.

Gary Keyes, the owner of the gorgeous red Corvette, claimed he was only out to perform errands, such as buying Rain-X to put on his windows before traveling to Pendleton, Oregon, for the Hotrod-a-rama car show.

“I really wish I just went home,” Gary Keyes told a local news page. “I’m just mad as hell.”

Gary, I feel every single piece of that. My muscle vehicle was totaled when I recently opted to drive about while waiting for my son to arrive home from work rather of waiting until he called. The cosmos can be harsh, especially when your automobile gets damaged when you’re not even moving. I used to think people were dumb for not driving their expensive cars more.

Nobody was seriously hurt, which is the thing you’re supposed to be overzealous about after an accident, but it still stings to have your favorite car wrecked. Here’s to hoping the insurance company treats Gary’s Corvette with respect and they pay to have a proper repair job done, instead of forcing the car off the road like so many insurance providers love to do.

Source: Spokesman

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