Was Paying $4.5M For 3 Seconds To See The General Lee Fly?

All of us had limitless imaginations as children and were sensitive with minds like sponges. When we were young, we all had dreams about various things that we hoped to experience in the future. Growing up, Travis Bell, the owner of Celebrity Machines, always wanted to witness the General Lee in flight. But what precisely is required to launch a 1969 Dodge Charger into the air? While though most people probably don’t consider sending a flying Mopar through the air to be a great accomplishment, a lot of time, effort, and money was invested to ensure that this is as precise and legal as possible.

Bell took all the proper precautions, including getting insurance, procuring the appropriate permissions, flying out 7 crew members, the mechanics who originally constructed the car, and modifying it to seem like a genuine General Lee. Bell also built a ramp and secured a place. Consider how unlikely it is that you will contact an insurance provider about launching a vintage Charger into the air and get a response. Yet the Lloyds of London agreed to execute it, although at a significant cost. It cost $4.5 million to get ready to jump a General Lee. Yes, you read it correctly—$4.5 million to jump one automobile.

The General Lee became Bell’s obsession as he grew older, and he wanted to construct

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