New 2024 Dodge Charger UTE “Pickup Truck” by Oscar Vargas is amazing!!!

New 2024 Dodge Charger UTE "Pickup Truck" by Oscar Vargas is amazing!!!

What do you think of a Dodge Charger UTE? And we don’t mean it in a classic, El Camino/Ranchero kind of way, but in the current generation.

Dodge Charger Ute Naturally Gets Digital Custom Trailer, Hauls C3 Corvette  Speedster

Texan artist Oscar Vargas, who goes by the Instagram handle wb.artist20, gives you a bird’s eye view of the idea, by dreaming up a stunning render of a Dodge Charger pickup truck. And we have to admit, we are loving it.

Dodge Charger Pickup Truck Brings Back the Rampage in Sharp Rendering
Dodge Rampage Rendering Makes Us Crave A Car-Based Pickup! - MoparInsiders

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