1972 Plymouth Duster Is an All-Original Survivor With Numbers-Matching 340 V8

Today, classic cars have become a welcome investment alternative to both traditional and novel ways of gathering/keeping wealth. However, we really do not care anything about that as far as this one is concerned. We just imagine driving it…
Frankly, at the rate that barn/shed/garage finds are popping up left and right, there is a boiling issue. With so many vintage cars up for restoration, restomodding, or plain-old hoarding, the market could get saturated. Especially with the most popular options.
Alas, if anyone is looking to subtly stand out in a Ford Mustang/Chevy Camaro/Dodge Charger type of classic muscle car crowd, there are always options. Many of them. So, one can get specialized. Today, let us go Mopar or nothing. With a 1972 Plymouth Duster that is alleged of the all-original, survivor variety. And comes complete with a numbers-matching 340ci V8.

The Duster resides proudly like a correct time capsule in the inventory of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Garage Kept Motors. The odometer reads just a little over 89k miles (89,044 miles/143,302 km, to be more precise), thus making it a coveted adventurer that did not just sit idle and never got driven around. Hopefully, more road trips are to follow.

Before that, anyone interested in acquiring it needs to know a little more about the highlights. Those involve the alleged all-original Hemi orange non-metallic paint, along with “full ‘Duster 340’ graphics and striping package in black, including the cartoon ‘Duster guy’ graphic on the side stripes and rear deck.” The 14-inch silver-painted steelies are also original, just like the entire cockpit.

Inside, there is a split-bench seat in the front and a matching horizontally pleated white vinyl rear bench seat. That is not all, as the details also include factory woodgrain trim, the original push-button AM radio “and slide-lever heat/ventilation controls,” along with a three-spoke steering wheel and a column-mounted automatic transmission shift lever.

Naturally, one of the biggest assets of this Duster was and always will be its Mopar V8 delight, a 340ci engine that was just a step away from being the flagship offering of the 1970 to 1976 fastback series. Now, there is just one final aspect to discuss, the asking price of $59,900. Not cheap, but will it matter when you do a proper showcase during the next cars-and-coffee weekend gathering?

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