2,500-HP Dodge Daytona Is ‘Scary To Drive’ Admits Owner

There is no overdrive on this car, so all of the alleged 2,500 horses go into the drivetrain and hit the pavement running.

When Wally Elder, from St. Loius, Missouri built a Dodge Daytona car that he found scary to drive, his biggest regret was that he sold it. After years of trying to track it down, he found it. But trying to convince the owner to sell it fell on deaf ears.

So Wally made himself an even scarier Daytona, and YouTube channel Barcroft Cars just covered it in their latest episode of Ridiculous Rides. It is scary, yes, but oh so very awesome too.

A Terrifying Car, “Pro-Street Throwback”

Innovation has changed, a ton, from back when Wally made his first Daytona to now. Everything about this 2,400-torque mean-road machine is hand-assembled. From the twofold edge rail undercarriage to the driving rod to even the chamber heads, cylinders, and rocker arms.

The motor is a crazy 8.6-liter HEMI, with a high-helix blower and a carbon-fiber injector. There’s a three-speed transmission mated to a 4.10 stuff proportion. There is no overdrive on this vehicle, so every one of the supposed 2,500 ponies go into the drivetrain and hit the asphalt running, stripping the vehicle off the black-top like a waxing-genius salon laborer.

The body is a Frankenstein blend of unique body parts, just as steel propagation with some fiberglass blended in just in case. The fire up of the motor, more like a test, is clearly enough to get the adrenalin rolling.

Rebuilding A Dream

Wally Elder of St. Louis Missouri was destined to adore vehicles, particularly since his father, Cliff cherished cool vehicles and assembled a 1936 Ford, highlighted on paper. In his halcyon days, Wally assembled a cool purple-and-white Dodge Challenger that got him great press. Thus in 1988, Custom Auto Works was conceived.

In 1991, Wally likewise assembled a 1969 Dodge Daytona clone. He painted it red with a white stripe and it bore that exaggerated Daytona wing. It had a 6.4-liter Hemi motor that stood out of the hood and was a famous print media star for now is the ideal time. Wally chose to take care of business, thus he sold it. Later lament set it. He attempted to track down the vehicle and afterward additionally attempted to entice the proprietor into selling it back to him, yet it was a no-bargain.

So Wally got down to business and made himself a pristine Daytona, far more frightening to drive than the first one. For the present, his new Daytona is a show vehicle and has not gone through its speeds. Wally Elder says he’s frightened of all the crude power it oozes however he guarantees, at some point, this Daytona will show the world exactly what it can genuinely do.

Sources: YouTube


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