Corvette Z06 vs Challenger Hellcat Street Race

Dodge’s Challenger Hellcat is at it again taking on a new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for a few races in this video filmed by BadBowtieProducitons.  Both cars are running 6.2L Supercharged V8 engines with the Z06 producing 650HP and the Hellcat putting out 707HP.

While the Z06 has a clear power to weight advantage with 5.4 pounds per HP vs the Hellcat’s 6.2 pounds per HP, the Hellcat is putting that power down through an 8 speed automatic transmission vs the 7 speed manual transmission in the Z06.

VIDEO] C7 Corvette Z06 vs Hellcat and Audi RS6 at the Drag Strip - Corvette:  Sales, News & Lifestyle

The result as you can see below is a toss up, which each car winning it’s share of the races depending on who got the jump and how well the Z06 driver was rowing through the gears.

Recently at Palm Beach International Raceway a Challenger Hellcat ran 10.8 @ 127 MPH on drag radials while a new Corvette Z06 ran 10.9 @ 127 MPH on stock tires.


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