This Custom Built ’65 Chevy Impala LSX Is a Beast

custom built 1965 chevy impala

While the Impala was Chevrolet most expensive passenger model back in 1965 as well as the best selling car in the United States there are old school Chevy enthusiasts all around the world. As those of you who follow Hot Cars already know Finland appears to be one of the places where the classic muscle car scene is quite big.

1965 Chevrolet Impala | T72 | Kissimmee 2020

This custom built 1965 Chevy Impala is a perfect proof. Impeccable body sprayed in factory GM Turquoise color sitting low on air bags, stunning fully redone White leather interior and Chevrolet’s mighty LSX 454R V8 engine under the hood this hotrod not only looks gorgeous, but destroys the tires in no time.

Check out Jamboolio’s video filmed during couple of car shows in Finland.

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