High End Custom ’57 Chevy Fitted with 502 Big Block

When it comes to body mods, the Tri-Five Chevrolet models don’t really need any as they are amazing in terms of styling. This high end custom built ’57 Chevy retains its original appearance, and the Red Metallic paint really makes it pop. I’m not sure about the wheels, but it’s not my car and there is so much more to be impressed with on this hot rod.

57 chevy 502 big block build

Steve Holcomb and his crew at the Pro Auto Custom Interiors have done a killer job on the inside of this ’57 Chevy build. When you pop the hood you’ll be blinded by the beautifully detailed engine bay and all chromed out 502 Big Block V8 mill with Ram Jet injection.

Check out my man Scottie’s video to see more of this high end custom ’57 Chevy.

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