Drag racing videos and crashes are something to go together about as well as peanut butter and jelly.

A situation like this definitely isn’t something that we would wish on anybody but it just so happens that the two tend to go hand in hand with a variety of different drivers pushing their cars past a certain limit and paying the price.

While we do see a lot of cars crash, you don’t equate come across ones that are that’s pretty doing the dirt. Sure, some of the more high dollar builds have some insane attention to detail laid out on them but it isn’t too common to see an old school street car like this pushed to the breaking point.

There’s nothing that we can do but watch and wait as this old school Chevrolet gets launched hard off of the line doesn’t seem to really ever catch traction. However, that doesn’t stop the driver from attempting to get it down the track and that’s where all hell breaks loose and things start to get ugly.

The accident was captured down in the video below as the incredibly clean street rod managed to cock its way, sideways and go full throttle straight into the wall. That crunch most certainly didn’t sound good and the visual that when alongside it was even worse. Hopefully, the potential damage done to both the driver and car didn’t set the driver back too far in terms of getting back out there on the track with this wonderful machine!

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