’67 Pontiac GTO Drag Racing Vs Modern Muscle Cars

Bob Bute has acquired this rare 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible few years ago from the original owner. He shares the Goat was with very well preserved originality, but needed a lot of mechanical work. After rebuilding the 400 cube V8 powerplant and upgrading the rear end, Bob decided to take the stunning 1967 Pontiac GTO to Byron Dragway. Lining up against some modern muscle cars, Bob did pretty good considering it was his first time running down the 1/4 mile since the 1970’s. Nothing fascinating in terms of ET’s, but a real treat to see such a beautiful classic flexing muscle at the track.

Check out my man James Hrovat’s video to see the Convertible ’67 GTO drag racing at Byron.

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