Porsche gt3 vs Shelby cobra (Video)

If you’re gonna street race, at least learn to do it right,” is what somebody should’ve told one Porsche driver before he challenged a Shelby Cobra to a duel between stoplights.

Seen appearing to leave a car meet of some sort (peep the Ferrari 599 that sneaks past in the left-turn lane), this Porsche 911 GT3 RS was caught on video revving its flat-six at the blue Shelby. A fair play if the road ahead had corners and bends, but in a straight line, it’s a bit of a foolish move. As foolish moves go, however, it’s no match for what the 911 driver does next.

When the light turns green, the Shelby takes off at a reasonably brisk pace but the Porsche is less successful.The clearly-botched launch is accompanied by smoke billowing not from the tires or exhaust but from underneath the car. Internet videos aren’t advanced enough to convey smells but the driver of the camera car confirms our suspicions of what happened.

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