NEW 2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker – Would You?

Let’s be clear that this is a rendering (obviously) and that GM has no intention of bringing back the GTO or Pontiac for that matter. We will get to why I think GM is dropping the ball on that one in a moment. For now, we are going to look at this Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker rendering and roast the hell out of it.

Pontiac GTO DesignThis New GTO
rendering looks as if the Pontiac Aztek design team came back from the graves in which GM buried them in. In a zombified effort to show the world that they still have taste (for brains), they decided to take bits from various GM platforms and have a component orgy.

Pontiac GTO Components
The Pontiac GTO air intake comes from a Hoover vacuum and although I love the 66′ grille, it makes this rendering look like a cheese grater for pedestrian penises. The headlights which should be the eyes of the beauty are just overstock Cadillac CTS headlights that are disproportional to this ride anyways. Front fascia appears to have come off a Saab just before GM helped sink that company too.

New Pontiac GTO AccessoriesThe paint color is a throwback from the Pontiac Tempest in which you were prematurely conceived in. The wheels thankfully are spinning in this photo so that you can’t see that they are a 4-spoke design with red-eyed goat’s head center caps.Here are some other Pontiac Eyesores!

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