Limited Edition F-150 Super-Snake Clad in Special Paint

Muscle Truck
From the classic pony cars born in the 1960s to the big block monsters roaring to life before the 1973 oil crisis and catalytic converters—muscle cars dominated the road. In recent years, muscle cars have been reborn with Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, and Chargers all chewing up the blacktop all over America. Enter the return of the muscle truck: Companies like Roush Performance, Hennessey and Tuscany Motor Co. have entered the fray with supercharged, race performance trucks.

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

Super Snakes
There are two types of snakes in the automotive world: The Shelby Mustang Cobra and the Shelby F-150 Super Snake. The Shelby Ford Mustang Cobras, both the GT350 and the GT500 models are based on the Mustang GT frame and produced by Shelby American in Las Vegas, Nevada. The F-150 Super Snake is a race performance modified truck produced by Tuscany Motor Co. of Elkhart, Indiana. Tuscany Motor Co. is part of the Fox Racing family and has been supercharging performance trucks since 1988.

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

Ford F150 Super Snake with Chrome Rims

Lead Foot
Brown Lee Ford of Morrison, Tennessee is renowned for its selection and sales of performance vehicles. The dealership has the largest selection of performance modified vehicles from companies like Roush Performance, Hennessey and Tuscany Motor Co. in the United States. The dealership is also home to Brown Lee Performance, which has produced a mind-blowing 2019 Gulf Heritage Edition Mustang. Recently, Brown Lee Ford featured an F-150 Super Snake with Lead Foot paint. Brock Patterson, the National Specialty Vehicle Sales Director at Brown Lee Ford explained that the limited edition (1 of 50) Lead Foot Super Snakes is a popular color choice for truck enthusiasts. “That color paint was offered on certain F150s and the F150 Raptor. It’s a flat, military color and on the right day when the sun is shining, that color pops like no other color. When we announced that was a color option for the Super Snake we had people lining up to see it,” Patterson said.

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

2019 Ford F150 Super Snake Lead Foot Paint

Touch of Black
The 22-inch chrome wheels powder coated black give a nuanced by menacing addition to the appearance of the truck. The added black accentuates the F-150’s flat, Lead Foot paint and gives the truck a mean, street fighting profile.

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

Under the Snake’s hood

The 2019 F-150 Super Snake is powered by a supercharged, Coyote 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 750 horsepower.  Even though the truck is built for the street, Patterson said that most of the Super Snakes he sells are 4X4 configurations.  “They sell pretty quick.  Buyers that purchase Super Snakes are buyers that want a supercharged truck and they know what they’re in the market for.  My customers in the northeast like to drive them year-round and they like the 4x4s for the snow,” Paterson remarked. 

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

Supercharged Coyote 5.0-liter V8 engine

Performance at your doorstep
If you’re interested in a high-performance muscle car or truck, Brown Lee Ford can handle transactions remotely and have your next Shelby, Hennessey, Roush or Tuscany Motor Co. vehicle delivered to your front door.

Photos courtesy of Brown Lee Ford.

Limited edition Lead Foot F150 Super Snake

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