Extreme Motorcycle Wheelie, Woman’s Butt to the Ground

Performing stunts on your bicycle is something amusing to do. And yet, one must guarantee that appropriate security measures are taken. This young lady thinks of her as too cool that she neglects to wear her cowhide pants during a bike wheelie. The poor young lady got some genuine butt consumes as an outcome. All things considered, she will recollect it forever now.

We may not comprehend the significance of calfskin pants, however she certainly assisted every one of us with making the point clear. No big surprise, a few exercises are found out the most difficult way possible. The young lady endured some genuine torment after the wheelie. Be that as it may, the one making this video had a fabulous time. What’s more, anybody watching it won’t most likely prevent themselves from chuckling, in spite of all the compassion they have for this young lady.

Examine the video and you will realize that the young lady is in a tough situation. We feel sorry for the poor young lady and expectation that she recuperates soon from the butt consumes. This young lady won’t neglect to wear cowhide pants next time in the event that she accumulates enough fortitude to attempt it once more.

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