Last year, news outlets were buzzing as many people watched a Dodge Ram plowing through protestors in Durham, NC who just so happened to be out there voicing their opinion against the police. As the truck pushed through the wall of people, they protestors would continue to try and get it to stop by pounding on the hood, however, the driver of the 2500 pickup truck would just keep on rolling right on through the people. Obviously, this situation caused a big back-and-forth only to have all of the card fall in favor of the driver of the truck.

Since then, we have actually seen bills passed to take the situation one step further because, as of late, it has become something that’s a lot more prevalent than it used to be. As it turns out, according to CNN, bills have been passed in the states of Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and North Dakota so that if you run over a protester who happens to be in the street, you can be released of some of the liability that you would otherwise be held accountable for should you run over just another person in the street. Now, we’re not saying that we would go out there running over people and would also recommend that you check out the local laws in your state.

If you follow along with the video below that shows the protestors reactions to the idea that the truck driver isn’t going to have charges levied against him by the police. When questioned about why the group didn’t have the proper permits, D’Atra Jackson said that the group “Does not work with the police.” I think that it’s safe to say that this isn’t the last that we’re going to see of situations like this, however, it seems like it’s something that’s definitely coming into strong consideration for lawmakers.

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