Kindig-It Design’s 1937 Chevy Hot Rod is a True Masterpiece

“Oh my sweet Jesus, what a magnificent piece of machinery!” was the very reaction we gave right after seeing today’s video and yours will probably be something similar!

As we introduced it here before, the Kindig-It Design, based in Salt Lake Cirt, UT, and established by Dave Kindig and his beloved wife Charity, has been customizing and restoring hot rods since 1999. Behind this accomplished company, legendary hot rod builder Dave Kindig and a dedicated team with breathtaking skills lie. Over the years passed with pure success, the name Dave Kindig has become synonymous with over-the-top custom design and advanced restoration of classics. Today’s video demonstrates us one of the vehicles customized by this great company: a 1937 Chevy hot rod. A compelling Hilborn Fuel Injected 496 Chevrolet Big Block with 700R4 transmission sits under the hood. The 37′ Chevy is equipped with suicide doors, hourglass style running boards, custom v rod headlamps, Billet stiletto wheels, full leather tan interior and many other specifications of the highest quality. Bespoke Candy Apple paint professionally done by Dupont particularly attracts the eyes and gives increased viewing pleasure. This is a masterpiece of detail work and stunning craftsmanship in brief.

Check it out and enjoy!

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