1957 Ford Thunderbird “T-Bird” Runs for the First Time After Sitting For Almost 30 Years

Ford Thunderbird, or commonly known as T-Bird, is a two-seat convertible automobile manufactured by Ford Motor Company between the years 1955 and 2005 over eleven generations. In today’s video, which is a pretty interesting one, we’re checking out a cool example of Ford T-Bird.

This is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird automobile kept in a dusty storage for 27 years. We said it’s 27 years as the video is recorded back in 1995. Watching the video, you can see this beast-like machine run for the first time after sitting for 27 years in a storage. The T-Bird is installed with a 427cu Chevy Big Block, meaning that it can drive even after sitting for 100 years.

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