This 1955 Chevy Hot Rod “Dale Earnhardt” Edition Is A Real Beast!

Some car enthusiast built a 1955 Chevy Hot Rod into a Dale Earnhardt edition. So, by doing that, this gearhead is probably the biggest Dale Earnhardt fan in the world. We doubt there is any real racing enthusiast that has never heard of the NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. In fact, you only need to be a car enthusiast to be familiar with Earnhardt let alone a racing enthusiast. We also think that not watching NASCAR is no excuse for not knowing this racing legend. However, in case you are really not familiar with this racing legend, then we shall enlighten you.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. also known as – The Intimidator is the most important and popular racer/team owner in probably all history of American professional racing. Dale Earnhardt Sr.or The Intimidator died doing what he loves, in a racing incident. The day Earnhardt died, NASCAR was changed forever.His rivalry with Harvick will go down in history as one of the most ruthless racing rivalries ever.

As a commemoration to this great man,in this one, we bring you this monstrous 1955 Chevy Hot Rod. This car is made as a tribute to honor Earnhardt`s legacy and his racing car. We also think that this car is the perfect tribute to this great legend as it features a staggering 850 HP engine with insane looks.The interior is very neatly done as well.

We think the wheelbase is altered, but nevertheless, it still looks pretty cool. This car is definitely a real threat for every racing enthusiast. Finally, check out the best V8 engines of all time!

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