Police Start Using New Radar Guns That Detect More Than Just Speed…


The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is employing a new technology to combat texting and driving. The first of its kind in this area, the “Cell Phone Terminator” will be used to short circuit, or render completely useless, any cell phone being used by drivers on Bexar County roads. The device, which looks like a traditional radar gun, and is used in basically the same “point and shoot” manner, uses Gamma Ray technology to fry the electronic motherboard of an offender’s phone from up to 300 yards away, permanently rendering the phone useless. Seized drug money will be used to purchase the technology and to train deputies.
“This is the cutting edge of Law Enforcement and we can’t wait to get our deputies trained up.” Sheriff Javier Salazar said. “We are the first agency to take the training. The supplier can’t get us on their training schedule until May because April’s full”


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